From concept to content. Strategy to storytelling. Vision to visual.

Lumière is a full-service film production solution.

This isn’t just about making films.


This is about telling the right stories the right way. It’s about illuminating narratives that deserve to be told, and told well.

Human Experience

We are interested in the human experience and everything surrounding it. Through human-centred storytelling our films seek to inspire change through skilled, honest and collaborative work.


Film can be so much more than a promotional tool. It is a powerful language. If we offer it time and attention a successful film strategy is, like a great story, priceless.

Illuminating Stories

From concept through to deployment, and everything in between, Lumière is a full-service film solution, illuminating stories, exceptionally.

Our Process


A contemporary and illuminating application of the moving picture. A holistic approach to film, woven seamlessly into what you and your business do.

We get to know you, your brand, and your business intimately, isolating specific areas where film can be utilised to full effect. This is far more than just film. This is about storytelling as an integral part of your brand.



From what is generated through Discovery, we engage our creative muscles to develop specific, unique concepts true to your brand’s message and tone.

We develop all the necessary creative components to effectively convey your message: scripts, storyboards, mood boards and whatever else the creative process demands.



From pre-production through to the final cut, we’ll bring your vision to light through experience, skill, and care.

Professional, experienced film crews capture your story with state-of-the-art technology, bringing your concept to life in an effective and illuminating way, before carefully and creatively editing and polishing the final product.



Once your vision is brought to life, and the final cut approved, we deliver whatever formats of the film you may require. Your film may then be done, but now prudent distribution is required.

We have the experience and know-how to aid in the most effective distribution strategy, making sure it’s seen by the right eyes, and giving you the best return on your investment possible. After that, we celebrate!

Our Services
Brand Documentaries
Social Media Content
Promotional Films
Product Videos
Training Videos
Live Streaming
Motion Graphics
Animated Films


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