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The Challenge

BeVictorious, a fitness app that offers personalised workout plans and guided exercises, required Lumière to produce a whopping 300 bespoke workout videos that could be used interchangeably as follow-along exercises and demo guides. Each video needed to be hyper-clear in highlighting the body form, moves, and positions of each exercise to prevent any injuries during the workouts.


The Approach

Lumière recognised the importance of meticulous planning for a project of this scale. To achieve the necessary precision, the team took extra care in mapping out how each video would look and feel, while also considering how they would interact within the platform. Filming on-location, Lumiere’s team worked with the trainers to ensure precision across angles, lighting, and form, capturing the right techniques and stance ensuring consistency across all 300 videos.


The Experience

Users of BeVictorious were impressed with the clarity of the visuals and instructions in the workout videos, resulting in a seamless experience for first-time users who became long-time subscribers. Lumière’s attention to detail in planning and execution ensured that each of the 300 bespoke videos felt specifically crafted for the user, while also maintaining consistent quality across the entire series.


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