Childhood Dementia

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The Brief

Biomarin, a pharmaceutical biotech company that specializes in developing treatments for rare genetic diseases, approached Lumiere to create a short films that could persuade the NHS to fund a treatment for childhood dementia, a rare disease affecting young children. The challenge was to create a compelling film that would demonstrate the critical need for this treatment and the devastating impact that the lack of funding was having on families affected by this disease.


The Work

Lumière knew that the key to creating an impactful film was to focus on the human aspect of the disease. Using an emotive voice over that highlighted the heartbreaking reality of families affected by childhood dementia, and high-quality cinematic visuals of the children affected by the disease, Lumière created a film that tugged at the heartstrings of the audience while making a strong argument for the need for funding for this treatment.


The Impact

The film created by Lumière was a powerful tool in raising awareness about childhood dementia and the urgent need for treatment. The video was used as a key element in lobbying efforts to secure funding from the NHS. The emotive content of the video helped to create a strong emotional connection with viewers, driving home the importance of funding for this treatment.


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