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The Challenge

To create a series of visually stunning and emotionally engaging videos that would shine a light on rare genetic diseases such as Phenylketonuria (PKU) and the innovative treatments and support that BioMarin offers to patients and their families. BioMarin, a pioneering biotech company, is dedicated to developing cutting-edge treatments for rare genetic diseases. PKU, a lifelong condition that affects the body’s metabolism of protein, is just one of the rare diseases they focus on. The challenge was to convey the impact of this disease on patients and their loved ones while inspiring hope through the exceptional care and support provided by BioMarin.


The Approach

Lumière knew that a human-centred approach was key in order to make people connect with the stories and understand the complexities of these rare genetic diseases. By shooting across 5 different locations across Europe, a series of powerful short documentaries was created, capturing the sincerity and strength of those affected by the disease. Each story conveyed not only the struggles but also the triumphs of patients and their families, highlighting the importance of early diagnosis and treatment.


The Experience

The powerful and heartfelt videos not only raised awareness about PKU and the innovative treatments offered by BioMarin, but they also fostered greater public empathy and understanding for those living with the disease. The films provided additional support to patients and their families and highlighted the importance of early diagnosis and treatment, offering hope to those living with PKU.


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