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The Brief

EDF was facing a difficult task: how to create a comprehensive video strategy that would demystify nuclear power and foster support for a new plant being built in Sizewell. With the public widely skeptical about nuclear energy and concerned about its impact on the environment, EDF needed to find a way to clearly communicate the benefits of nuclear power and dispel common misconceptions.


The Work

Lumière teamed up with the strategy experts at Stonehaven to develop a series of videos that would educate the public about nuclear power in a simple and honest way. The videos featured interviews with leading energy experts and easy-to-understand visuals that helped to break down complex concepts. By highlighting the positive impact that nuclear power can have on the environment, the economy, and the surrounding communities, Lumière was able to sway public opinion and demonstrate the importance of a diverse energy mix.


The Impact

The video campaign was a resounding success, with EDF’s social channels and website flooded with positive feedback. The videos succeeded in changing public perception of nuclear energy and played a key role in securing approval for the new power plant in Sizewell. Thanks to Lumière’s compelling videos, EDF was able to make a persuasive case for the benefits of nuclear power and pave the way for a greener future.


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