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The Challenge

Newbold College, an educational institution offering degrees as well as short-term courses, challenged Lumière to create a video content strategy that would capture the unique culture, growth, and unforgettable experience that Newbold College offers. They wanted to attract prospective students and showcase the best of their campus and student life in a series of short promotional films.


The Approach

Lumière dove headfirst into the project, working closely with Newbold College to truly understand their target audience and develop a comprehensive video content strategy. They crafted a series of ten promotional films that brought the campus, classrooms, and students to life. The films featured carefully selected soundbites, and Lumière’s expert cinematography gave viewers a fly-on-the-wall perspective of what life was really like at Newbold College, highlighting the key benefits of studying there and the support students could expect.


The Experience

The video content was a resounding success, leading to a significant increase in enrolments as prospective students became more aware of the courses and degrees offered by the college. The videos were so compelling that they were widely shared by students, lecturers, and faculty, generating an even greater sense of pride and belonging within the institution. Lumière’s video content strategy proved to be the perfect way to showcase the essence of Newbold College and inspire prospective students to choose it for their further education.


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