Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

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The Challenge

Qatar was the host of the most prominent and highly watched event on the planet: The FIFA World Cup. Q Life, a platform showcasing the people and ideas powering Qatar’s development, wanted to capitalise on the world’s attention by increasing the platform’s visibility. They approached Lumière to create a suite of social media content that would showcase the extraordinary vibe and warm hospitality of Qatar during the tournament, highlighting the celebration of different cultures and countries coming together in this beautiful host city.


The Approach

Lumiere knew that to capture the essence of the event, they needed to film on-location throughout the streets of Qatar. They created a string of lively videos featuring vibrant street scenes and interviews with international and local fans. These videos highlighted the uniqueness, excitement and energy that surrounded the World Cup.

Lumière executed an impactful social media strategy, focusing on Instagram to engage with Q Life’s audience. The team produced a series of short-form videos, which were shared on Instagram, highlighting the beauty and richness of Qatar’s culture.


The Experience

The suite of social media content successfully showcased the vibrancy of Qatar during the FIFA World Cup. The campaign achieved incredible results, with Q Life experiencing an increase in social media views from 2,300 to an impressive 405,000 views on average in just 60 days.

The videos captured the excitement and essence of Qatar during the tournament, resonating well with Q Life’s audience and the country as a whole. This storytelling approach elevated Q Life’s brand affiliation among Qatari and international citizens alike, leaving a lasting impact on viewers long after the tournament had ended.


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