The Culture In Qatar

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The Challenge

To produce a series of captivating and insightful mini-documentaries that would reveal the diverse, dynamic, and successful aspects of life in Qatar through the eyes of its people. Q Life, a platform dedicated to showcasing Qatar’s progress and innovation, recognised the need to create a deeper understanding of what life in Qatar truly looks like. Lumière was tasked with creating a series of videos that would capture the essence of Qatar’s culture and showcase the unique stories of its people.


The Approach

In collaboration with Synth, Lumière set out to produce a series of mini-documentaries that would truly capture the essence of life in Qatar. To achieve this, the team used a human-centric approach by carefully selecting 6 individuals from 6 very different walks of life in Qatar, including a Pilot, a Chef, an Orchestra Director, a Fashion Designer, a Cricket Coach and a Triathlete. Each individual was interviewed to share their unique story and experiences, giving viewers an authentic glimpse into life in Qatar. The footage was shot in a visually stunning manner that showcased the beauty of the country and its people. The resulting mini-documentaries were engaging, inspiring and emotionally impactful, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.


The Experience

The mini-documentary series proved to be a huge success, as it provided an intimate and engaging insight into the vibrant and diverse life in Qatar. Q Life’s audience grew significantly, and viewers across the globe gained a better understanding of the country’s culture, values, and achievements. The series not only elevated Q Life’s brand perception but also positioned Qatar as an exciting destination for tourism, business, and lifestyle.


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